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What is the Bible Bus? 

 *The Bible Bus is a journey to the heart of God 


Why do we need to take this journey? 

*To know God and to have a relationship with Him 

When does it leave? 

*It is scheduled to leave three times a year (Join Us)

When will the journey reach its destination? 

*It will get there a year from starting date

How long does this journey take? 

*It will take 15 minutes a day for 365 days 

What does it cost to get on this Bus? 

*It will cost you 15 minutes a day of your time 


What does it require to get on this bus? 

*It requires commitment and integrity 


Who is the driver? 

*The driver is the Holy Spirit 


What is the benefit of getting on this bus? 

*To gain knowledge of what the Bible says and what it doesn’t say 

*To check if you believe or not of what you have read

*To see if you follow and do what you said you believe

*You will be proud to have finished reading the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation 

*There will be tremendous group support from other passengers 

*We will all get to our destination together 

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